BMW i3

$34,800 (after $7,500 federal tax credit). Price includes MSRP plus destination charge.
Miles between charges: 
Annual Fuel Cost: 
Money Saved: 
Gas Avoided: 
Who will drive it: 
Buyers captivated by BMW’s electric-vehicle innovation who aren’t put off by the i3’s curious shape. ("It looks like it should dispense hand towels," chortles Dan Neil of the Wall Street Journal.)
How fun is it to drive: 
"While the powertrain is indeed brand new and interesting, anyone who defines a BMW simply by the way it drives is going to come away confused. It's not that driving dynamics don't matter, but they matter a lot less when you're moving slowly through a city. And that's where the i3 simply shines." (Autoblog)
How much gear can you cart around in it: 
A lot, for a four-seat subcompact – helped greatly by "coach style" doors and no center pillar, which give you easy access to the rear seats.
Will it be around in 10 years: 

BMW seems to be going all-in with its electric cars. The i3 is offered in all-electric and extended-range (i.e., gas/electric hybrid) versions, and its unique design employs innovative carbon-fiber reinforced plastic construction and aluminum subframes to reduce weight.

*Emissions data for this vehicle not yet available.


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