Explore, enjoy, and protect the planet


Daniel Cespedes & Izzy Weisz, 2013

For their final outing of the summer, Izzy and Daniel go on a Sierra Club National Outings trip - backpacking for five days in Sequoia National Park. They quickly learn that backpacking is no easy task, and aim to find out why do backpackers do it?

Daniel and Izzy head to Lassen Volcanic National Park for a Sierra Club service trip where participants helped weed out non-native plants. Easy work if you have your bagpipe and light saber handy.

Daniel and Izzy headed to a Barenaked Ladies concert to see how they are greening their tours, and helped get the word out on how trade in illegally harvested timber impacts the environment.

Izzy and Daniel headed to the Mission Wolf sanctuary and got very up close and personal with the pack with kids from Boulder as part of Sierra Club's Inner City Outings program.

Daniel and Izzy travel to Chicago, where they hang with Outdoor Nation folks and ask the question "Is Camping a White Person Thing?" Each year, Sierra Club volunteers engage tens of thousands of young people from across the country on outings and has seen people of every age and background embrace the Sierra Club's motto to "explore, enjoy and protect the planet.

Daniel and Izzy get schooled by the Santa Clara "Radiant House" team on the Solar Decathlon Competition for students to build futuristic solar-powered houses. Read more in Sierra Magazine's Cool Schools online edition.

Tribes and Tribulations. The Best Interns encounter a not-so-great situation—Uranium mining right outside the Grand Canyon National Park. Watch and then take action to protect this land!

How Grand is the Grand Canyon? The Best Internship on Earth winners explore the park and find more than they expected.

Eco-guise. Sierra Club’s Best Interns get used to their new office digs, and the idea of being environmentalists.