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Campuses Beyond Oil

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Oil poisons our health, politics, and economy. Join the fight to move your campus beyond oil by getting your administration to green the campus fleet, improve bike policies and access to public transit, and more!

Register to run an oil-free campus campaign!

When you do you’ll be stepping up to take leadership in the environmental fight of your life. You won’t be alone! You’ll be doing it with the dedicated support of the Sierra Club Beyond Oil team, including material support, research resources, a campaign planning toolkit, and more.

Join the Sierra Club, the Sierra Student Coalition, and the growing Beyond Oil movement by registering your Campuses Beyond Oil Campaign now.

Want to be the first generation to move America off of oil?

Young people have the power and vision to move our world beyond dirty, dangerous oil. The fight starts at our nation’s colleges and universities, where students already understand that they can live better, healthier lives when we kick our oil addiction and move to green transportation. 

This fall, the Sierra Club’s Beyond Oil Campaign and the Sierra Student Coalition will team up to launch the first ever Campuses Beyond Oil Campaign. Transform your campus into a model of the oil-free communities of tomorrow!


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