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Stop the Flow of Dirty Money

We will eliminate the outsized influence of the oil industry and challenge public officials who take contributions and then put Big Oil's interests above those of the American people. Oil companies spend millions each year to mislead the public, undermine science, undercut clean energy alternatives, and manipulate our democracy to keep America dependent on oil. The Sierra Club will:

  • Hold accountable any politician who favors the oil industry at the expense of fiscal responsibility and the environment.

  • Raise public awareness of the direct negative influence that oil contributions have on politics and pocketbooks.

  • Build the voter support needed to elect environmentally and fiscally responsible candidates.

For decades, the oil industry's hold on politics has seemed inevitable and untouchable. The fossil-fuel industry poured $500 million into anti-climate lobbying and pro-oil candidates during the 2010 midterm elections. This money had enormous influence on climate policy, the price of gas, and the $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies that oil companies collect each year. In a 2012 vote to repeal those subsidies, the U.S. senators who voted in favor of Big Oil had collected five times more in oil and gas industry campaign contributions than those who voted to cut the subsidies.

We will publicize and stigmatize Big Oil's political giving so that accepting campaign contributions and then voting for Big Oil's interests over the interests of the American people becomes an irrecoverable political vulnerability.

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