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Green Transportation

In order to protect our climate and our health, the Sierra Club has set a goal of reducing oil consumption in the U.S. by at least 50 percent by 2030 as part of our clean energy future. To achieve this, we need a smarter, greener transportation system. Due to decades of poor city planning that encouraged endless sprawl over more efficient development, only half of all Americans have access to public transportation. Americans win when they have a choice for every trip -- whether it's convenient public transportation,  safe walking and biking, or electric cars.

Creating a 21st century transportation system also means creating one with environmental justice at its core. Nationwide, the communities with the least access to clean transportation options, and the most impacted by smog and other forms of pollution, are predominately low-income communities and communities of color. A fair and just transportation system is one that ensures everyone has access to safe, healthy and clean transportation options, regardless of their income or where they live.

This change won't come easy. Big Oil’s lobbyists and their friends in Congress are fighting to reverse our gains and keep us dependent on oil. But the Sierra Club has long been a leader in promoting green transportation. Today, more automakers are manufacturing more electric vehicles and cars with higher fuel efficiency than ever before, and more Americans are demanding access to cleaner transportation choices, better public transportation, safer roads, and walkable, livable communities that reduce sprawl. With a smarter, 21st century transportation system, America will move greener, move healthier, and move beyond oil.

How We'll Get There

All across the country, Sierra Club Chapters are doing important work with cities and transit agencies to promote green transportation by improving public transit, and promoting more walkable, bikeable and public transportation-friendly development.
Improving public transportation and the walkability and bikeability of communities will reduce emissions and the number of cars on the road and is a key solution for millions of Americans.
Millions of people in the US rely on buses to get to school, to work, and around town.Those buses typically run on diesel or compressed natural gas, which harm our climate and pollute the air we breathe.
The Sierra Club has worked for decades to improve the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks. Around the country, Sierra Club members have pushed Congress, the president, and states to adopt strong vehicle efficiency and emissions standards.