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Virtual Clean Car Show

Browse our virtual clean car show below to see efficient vehicles already on the market that meet standards for years to come. To see how much you can save by driving a more efficient vehicle, visit our Savings at the Pump calculator.

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Fuel efficiency and carbon pollution standards for new vehicles are on the right path.  After decades of stagnation with fuel efficiency standards stuck at levels set in the 1970s, the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation together have issued final standards for new cars in model years 2012-2016 that direct automakers to increase fuel efficiency from the equivalent of 27.5 miles per gallon in 2012 to 35.5 mpg in 2016 and emitting an average of 250 grams per mile of carbon pollution. Standards expected to be finalized this summer will continue the progress to ensure that by 2025 new cars sold emit no more than 163 grams per mile of carbon pollution and reach a fuel efficiency equivalent of 54.5 mpg.

These two sets of standards – the National Program --  will save consumers money at the pump, reduce our dependence on oil and curb carbon pollution.

Due to outdated testing procedures that are used to set standards, the actual mileage of vehicles on the road will be lower than the levels indicated by the standards. To learn more about the difference between vehicle standards and on the road fuel efficiency, see our Truth in Testing report. Even with this difference, new vehicles are set to be twice as efficient in 2025 as new vehicles in 2011.

Automakers are already putting advanced technologies to work, such as turbocharged engines and advanced transmissions, and delivering more efficient cars and trucks to dealers across the country. Many of these vehicles already meet the fuel efficiency standards for future years. By innovating and applying advanced technologies, automakers can meet the proposed pollution and efficiency standards by 2025 and provide consumers with quality vehicles that guzzle less gas.