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Hurricane Sandy 6 Months Later

Six months ago today, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Eastern Seaboard. The superstorm hit New York and New Jersey the hardest,  wreaking havoc, washing away roads, destroying whole neighborhoods, and leaving human fatalities in its wake. These images by photographer/multimedia reporter Julie Dermansky show the extent of the damage in three communities along the New Jersey coast six months after the storm.

Among the thousands of houses flooded or destroyed was the childhood home of Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune, who visited the area as soon as he was allowed in, to try and salvage what he could from his family's home. "I've been made speechless twice before," Brune said on seeing the extent of the devastation. "Once, when I went out on the Gulf to see the extent of the BP oil disaster, and the first time I watched a mountain being blasted apart for coal. This time it was my own hometown that stunned me. The devastation caused by Sandy is a scary reminder of what the future holds if we get energy policy wrong and continue to rely on fossil fuels."

All photos are © Julie Dermansky

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