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Chaos in Downtown New York

I’m a freshman student at NYU, which is located in downtown New York. On Monday night, at about 8:30 pm, the power went out in our hall. We still had cell phone service, so we could call our parents, and water to brush our teeth with. For many of us on my floor, Hurricane Sandy was our first hurricane and therefore was a bonding experience. We all had fun, singing songs and watching movies while the storm was going on. However, the next morning, we woke up, with no power, no cell phone service, wifi or running water, or heat for that matter. Our dining hall was closed. Washington Square Park was a mess. The subways were flooded and there was a gas shortage, so not many cabs were on the road. Downtown Manhattan had no electricity whatsoever, with the exception of a few NYU buildings. Only two dining halls were open, and both were chaotic, since faculty and students had to eat there, and some faculty brought there families. Eventually, people from my hall and most of the other undergraduate dorms were forced to evacuate, and many of us had nowhere to go. I got lucky, being able to stay with my friend in one of the only two dorms that had power, but others weren’t and had to end up fighting for outlets and cots in the student center. No restaurants or shops opened around the dorms, with the exception of the space market, and even they didn’t have that many things on sale. Now my dorm has power back, and everything is returning back to normal. However, I know that there are still some places in Manhattan, New York and New Jersey that don’t have power. A tree fell on my friend’s house in New Jersey. There still isn’t any power there, and now apparently a major snowstorm is on track to hit both New York and New Jersey as well. 

"NYU Bobst library, Friday afternoon 11/2/12" by bettyx1138