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This map is comprised of data collected and maintained by the Sierra Club Environmental Law Program, and is part of the Club's ongoing campaign to wean the United States off coal, a dirty fossil fuel. If you have any questions about the map, please email

  • Red markers: active or upcoming plants.
  • Yellow markers: progressing plants.
  • Green markers: defeated plants!
Coal is our country’s dirtiest energy source, from mining to burning to disposing of coal waste. Our campaign is uniting grassroots activists across the country to move America Beyond Coal. Learn more

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In the tug-of-war over the future of our climate and our planet, there have been some very big developments this week.On Tuesday, the United Kingdom announced it will completely phase out coal throughout the country over the next decade, retiring... Read More
“Dirty, Expensive and Unnecessary” -- that’s how Mississippians now describe the Kemper coal plant. Kemper was supposed to be a flagship project for so-called “clean coal,” But this massive, extremely expensive coal project has failed expectations... Read More