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Campuses Beyond Coal

Calling for Clean Energy Solutions from Our Universities

Campuses Beyond Coal is a joint effort between the Sierra Student Coalition and the Sierra Club, with the goal of moving our nation's universities beyond coal to clean energy solutions. We aim to retire the entire fleet of campus-owned coal plants and end our schools' dependence on the coal-generated electricity they purchase.

As the country moves from fossil fuels of the past to clean, 21st-century energy, universities can take a leadership role in promoting this transition.


The campaign to retire the more than 60 on-campus coal plants across the nation began in 2009 and so far Campuses Beyond Coal has played an active role in retiring about a third of all on-campus coal plants.

As the campaign to retire on-campus coal plants saw victories at universities like the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Campuses Beyond Coal started engaging in the fossil fuel divestment movement. The divestment campaign, which began in 2011, demands that college and university administrations stop investing in the fossil fuel industry and reinvest in environmentally and socially responsible alternatives.


Since 2011, the Sierra Student Coalition has been working in coalition with a number of other organizations on campus divestment campaigns around the country. 300 campuses have already joined the fossil fuel divestment movement, and now the campaign has spread to other institutions including cities, religious organizations, and foundations. To date, six colleges and universities -- including Unity College in Maine and San Francisco State University -- have committed to divesting from fossil fuels.

Victories – Campuses Beyond Coal

Along with our coalition partners, the Campuses Beyond Coal campaign has been instrumental in moving campuses across the nation off of coal. So far, the following schools have committed to moving beyond coal:

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