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Beyond TXU

Luminant's  Martin Lake Power Plant
Luminant's Martin Lake Power Plant
Photo by Tammy Cromer-Campbell


For the Future of Texas, It's Time to Move Beyond TXU

When it comes to polluters, Texas ranks as one of the worst in the country. Texans know all too well that we have a major problem on our hands with climate disruption and smoggy air. Record flooding and historic droughts have wreaked havoc on Texans from Houston to Big Bend and back to Central Texas. Smog pollution is triggering asthma attacks for children and seniors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. And the data is clear: Coal-fired power plants and lignite strip mines are a leading cause of the pollution that’s increasingly disrupting our climate and harming our health.

Energy Future Holdings (EFH), the Wall Street owner of TXU Energy, sells power to communities and homes across the state. EFH also owns Luminant, the company that operates a number of dirty coal plants across Texas like Big Brown near Fairfield and the Martin Lake plant in northeast Texas as well as the lignite mines that feed the plants.

Switching to another provider is the best way to guarantee your dollars are not supporting the owners of Texas’s worst polluters. Help move Texas toward a brighter future and switch your home, church, or business to an electric provider where your monthly electricity payment won’t support the Wall Street owner of dirty coal plants. Make the switch to a electric provider who reflects your values and move Beyond TXU.