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Beyond Coal Georgia

Welcome to Georgia Beyond Coal!

It's time for Georgia's energy economy to move into the 21st century!

Nearly half of our states electricity is currently produced by dirty, outdated, coal-fired power plants. Two of these plants, owned and operated by Georgia Power, are the two single largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the entire United States. The pollution from Georgia's dirty coal fleet is the primary threat to our state's invaluable air and water resources and to the health and well-being of our children and families. 

Today, we at the Georgia Beyond Coal campaign are working to stop the development of one of the nation's last remaining proposed coal-fired power plants: Plant Washington, from threatening the health of our families, and to help our communities usher in thousands of new lasting 21st century jobs for Georgians.

Affordable clean energy, powered by Georgia's ample solar and wind resources, has the potential to create tens of thousands of lasting jobs and to produce a majority of our state's energy needs.  Coupled with low-cost energy effifiency, renewable energy can drive Georgia's job growth, keep electricity rates low as fossil fuels cost sky-rocket, and protect our families and natural resources from harmful pollution.

Join our Georgia Beyond Coal Team Today! 

STOP Plant Washington

Posted on November 14, 2012

Tell your EMC: "No Back-Room Deals for Dean Alford!"

Power4Georgians, the company proposing the Plant Washington coal-fired power Plant, was organized by indicted former CEO of the now dismantled Cobb Energy: Dwight Brown. Mr. Brown currently faces charges on 34 counts of theft, rackettering, and intimidating witnesses for his role at Cobb  Energy where he earned millions off the backs of Cobb EMC customers.