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Getting Clean Energy Right. From the Start.

clean energy
Any large energy project brings potential to harm the wildlife and wild places the Sierra Club has worked to protect for more than a century. That's why we are working hard to ensure that the large clean energy projects we desperately need are built in the best possible way—ensuring minimal damage to wildlife such as desert tortoises and golden eagles. The Sierra Club has worked closely with wildlife agencies and responsible developers to reconfigure energy projects and identify solutions to wildlife conflicts, and we will continue to do so.
Projects that are “Smart from the Start” are located in the built environment or on land with low habitat value, near roads and transmission lines, on low-quality farmland, or other previously disturbed lands. They're designed to minimize conflict with sensitive plants and animals.
Large scale renewables are only one part of a suite of resources including energy efficiency, local clean energy like rooftop solar, and other technological innovations that reduce our need for energy generation. Developing large clean energy projects carefully won't always be easy—but it couldn’t be more important.
As the nation's oldest grassroots environmental organization, we have a responsibility and an important opportunity—to make sure that we get clean energy right, from the start.