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Indiana Beyond Coal

Indiana Beyond Coal Campaign 

Indiana stands at an energy crossroads where we can invest in clean, renewable energy; energy efficiency and conservation; or, we can choose yesterday's dirty energy -- coal.  Our campaign is uniting people from across the state.  Hoosiers want to move beyond coal to clean energy, and here's how we do that:

  • Retire old, dirty, outdated coal plants
  • Move Indiana Beyond Coal with greater investment into proven clean energy sources like wind and solar
  • Educate citizens and decision-makers about the true cost of coal

For a list of Beyond Coal victories check out our Facebook page here. You can also follow us on twitter.

Thousands of Hoosiers are coming together to move Indiana Beyond Coal. Here are some of the activites we do: 

  • Collecting petitions and writing letters to decision-makers
  • Researching and creating educational materials
  • Organizing outreach and educational events
  • Encouraging public outreach to decision-makers via phone calls, in-person meetings, and public meetings

Join the Indiana Beyond Coal movement!  Get involved in the campaign, or for more information please contact Megan Anderson