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White Stallion

WHITE STALLION (Matagorda County)

White Stallion Energy Center is a 1,350-megawatt coal plant proposed for Matagorda County, Texas, that would burn a combination of coal and petroleum coke—the dirty leftovers from the process of refining crude oil.

- Water: In 2010, White Stallion took the first steps that would have used more than eight billion gallons of water per year, putting a huge strain on Texas’ Colorado River resources during a multi-year drought. Farmers, business owners, public officials, and many other community members up and down the Colorado River joined forces to stop the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) from providing water to White Stallion. After LCRA denied White Stallion’s request for a water contract, plant developers then began to claim they could reconfigure the plant to use “only” one billion gallons of water per year, yet they have no water allocations from LCRA. Instead, White Stallion developers are seeking private groundwater to run their plant at a time when groundwater has reached the
lowest levels in more than 63 years.

- Pollution and Health Impacts: State regulators may have failed to ensure that White Stallion's air pollution permit met the life-saving standards of the Clean Air Act (click here for more information).  White Stallion would emit 1,500 tons of soot every year and 96 pounds of mercury a year into our air and water.  

Based on an Abt Associates’ Powerplant Impact Estimator, White Stallion could cause 1,070 heart attacks, 770 asthma attack emergency room visits, and 630 premature deaths - not to mention billions in health and economic costs to our community- throughout its lifetime..

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