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LA's Coal Connection


Los Angeles gets 39% of its electricity from two aging, out-of-state coal-fired power plants. They are two of the dirtiest power plants in the country.  Every day they discharge vast quantities of deadly toxins and climate disrupting pollution while polluting millions gallons of fresh water. Instead of sending our hard earned utility bills out of state, we need a new, smart energy policy that looks to Los Angeles’ future – one that invests in locally produced clean energy, promotes energy efficiency, and grows jobs right here in Los Angeles. Coal has no place in Los Angeles - we're committed to making LA coal free by 2020.

LADWP and Coal

The LA Department of Water and Power (DWP) doesn’t buy much electricity on the open market – they either own or have long term contracts with power generators. 

LADWP gets more power from coal than any other source: 39%. Natural gas provides 22%, renwable energy 20%, nuclear 11%, large hydroelectric 3% and "other" 5%. 

Navajo Generating Station Stats

  • Size: 2,250 MW (second largest in the west)
  • Mercurcy emissions (lbs): 566
  • Carbon dioxide emissions (tons): 18,518,343 (That's like 3.3 million cars!)
  • NOx emissions (lbs): 39,680,021
  • SOx emissions (lbs): 9,285,032

Intermountain Power Project Stats

  • Size: 1,800 MW
  • Mercury emissions (lbs): 202 (one teaspoon contaminates a 20 acre lake)
  • Carbon dioxide emissions (tons): 12,911,419 (that's like 2.3 million cars!
  • NOx emmisions (lbs): 50,307,256
  • SOx emissions (lbs): 9,867,585