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Move Minnesota Power Beyond Coal

Instead of spending hundreds of millions to import dirty coal to burn and harm our health and environment, it’s time to do something different. More than 8-in-10 Northeastern Minnesotans agree: "we need to fundamentally change the way we get our energy in Minnesota by modernizing the electric grid to maximize energy efficiency and wind and solar energy use.”  
Minnesota Power’s clean energy progress lags behind the rest of Minnesota’s utilities, and that puts their customers at risk. Wind and solar, already competitive with coal and gas, are coming down in price while fossil fuel prices rise. Yet, Minnesota Power chose to spend more than $350 million of customer money to continue burning coal in one boiler at Clay Boswell, and have not announced details on how they plan to reduce their coal use on par with their peers.

Clean energy and energy efficiency help make industry internationally competitive while creating good-paying jobs in efficiency,  wind and solar energy. Minnesota Power should invest in making Northern Minnesota a clean energy leader by expanding energy efficiency and building renewable energy at scale in Northern Minnesota. We have the opportunity to tell Minnesota Power and the Public Utilities Commission to protect customers, public health, our climate and local communities by replacing dirty coal with clean energy, like wind, solar, and energy efficiency -- resources that will power our future and create and sustain good-paying jobs for Northern Minnesota.

Take Action Today to tell Minnesota Power and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to replace old coal plants with clean energy and savings.