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Xcel's Sherco Plant

Xcel Energy has made great strides in clean energy, but still operates the largest coal plant in Minnesota, Sherco.. Sherco is the single, largest source of greenhouse gases, mercury and soot pollution in the state.  This year, Xcel Energy and the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) need to hear that their customers want to see them reduce coal use and increase investment in solar energy, wind and energy efficiency.
In January 2015, Xcel Energy submitted a 15 year energy plan that would expand renewables, but took no action to plan for the responsible transition beyond coal at  Sherco 1&2 despite five years of study and discussion. 
In lieu of the urgent progress we must make to curb greenhouse gas emissions and reduce health risks in our communities, Xcel Energy’s recommendation to continue burning coal at Sherco is a step backwards for health and for our childrens’ future.