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Dirty Coal in Missouri

How is coal a threat to Missouri air, water, and families?

Coal Poisons Our Air.  When coal is burned to make electricity, damaging pollutants like carbon dioxide and dangerous toxins like nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury are emitted into the surrounding air.

Coal Poisons Our Water.  Coal plants sit on or near major bodies of water. They dump toxins near major waterways, including drinking water sources, threatening the water we rely on for drinking, agriculture, fishing and recreation.  

Coal Ash is Bad News.  Coal ash or coal combustion waste (CCW) is the toxic waste produced from burning coal.  It is less regulated than household garbage.  Click here for a map of coal ash sites Zoom in on specific sites, and click on the map markers for more information.  Use the tabs at the top of the browser page to learn more about coal’s impacts upon Missouri.