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Our Vision

Already, Local Clean Energy has made major contributions to California's electricity demand and saved billions of dollars for our state. Yet local clean energy generation is just getting started and has enormous untapped potential. The My Generation Campaign will support local clean energy development by promoting cost effective incentives and removing obstacles to local clean energy through new policies to increase the use of local clean-energy. Together, we can meet the growing demands on California's electricity needs, create good jobs for California families, and reduce our dependence on dirty forms of energy.

Our Goal:

By 2020, 30 percent of California's electricity needs will be met with local clean energy.

Why Local Clean Energy?

Local clean energy is good for the environment and comes from our communities. Right now, most of our electricity comes from power plants that burn fossil fuels. These dirty power plants are either far away and don’t provide our communities with jobs or economic benefits, or they’re nearby and driving up asthma rates, cancer, and other dangerous health problems. Fossil fuels provide a fraction of the job opportunities that local clean energy provides. For every job in the fossil fuel industry, there are seven in rooftop solar.

More Local Clean Energy Means

  • Increase in local jobs benefiting individuals and local communities.
  • Lower electricity bills through energy efficiency and new renewable energy.
  • Cleaner air and water.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas production and lowering the impact of climate change.

What Is Local Clean Energy?

Renewable local (distributed) generation

Solar, small wind, biogas, and geothermal are energy sources that are located close to home.

Energy Efficiency

By wasting less energy through simple actions like sealing drafty windows or replacing inefficient appliances, we avoid the need to use excess electricity. These actions lead to major bill savings.

Combined Heat and Power

Capturing waste heat from a factory can be used to produce steam and turn a turbine making electricity. It's almost like getting additional free electricity.

Energy Storage and Load Balancing

For homes and businesses that use solar power, installing battery storage next to a residential solar system can save excess energy that can be used after the sun sets. By incentivizing energy consumers to shift energy usage, like running the laundry at night when energy usage is low, we can better balance energy demand and eliminate the need for utilities to build expensive extra power plants that would only be used a few hours a year to meet peaking needs.