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Beyond Coal Oklahoma


OG&E’s Dirty and Costly Plan for Our Future

Oklahoma Gas and Electric, the state’s largest electric utility, has filed a proposal with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission that will significantly raise utility rates in Oklahoma and make OG&E a lot of money in the process if approved. OG&E claims its plan is the lowest cost option to comply with Clean Air Act provisions -- namely regional haze and mercury and air toxics standards -- but even the company’s own analysis shows it’s not.

A hearing to determine if OG&E will be allowed to recover costs associated with its plan was held in March at the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. An administrative law judge made a recommendation to the three commissioners on June 8th. The commissioners will get the final vote on whether to approve OG&E’s plan.


OG&E is pushing for state approval to retrofit its old Sooner coal-fired power plant at a cost of over half a billion dollars to Oklahoma families and businesses.


Learn more about OG&E's plans for the future and what you can do here.  



Watch the video below to hear more about moving Oklahoma beyond coal

Oklahoma at an energy crossroads: 

In a strong move for our health and environment, the EPA has taken the lead in cutting pollution from three of Oklahoma's oldest and dirtiest coal plants.  

The EPA's final plan for reducing regional haze tells these plants enough is enough! It gives big polluters a choice: install new scrubber technology to limit emissions or retire their coal plants and convert to cleaner energy sources. This is a big step in stopping the pollution that is harming our communities and getting off coal entirely by transitioning to cheaper, cleaner energy alternatives like wind, solar, and energy efficiency. The good news is that AEP-PSO has made the decision to retire their only coal plant in Oklahoma on a reasonable timeline, but unfortunately, OG&E is fighting the EPA's plan in court!  

Now is the time to show that we support investments in clean energy that will create new jobs, clean up our air and water, and protect the health of our communities rather than extending the life of these outdated coal plants!

Why moving beyond coal is necessary

Coal is a dirty and outdated. Coal is the energy source of the past, and here in Oklahoma we can do better.  We have the potential to be a leader in a clean energy economy by utilizing all our clean, homegrown energy sources, like wind, solar and geothermal, and by implementing the cheapest source of power, energy efficiency, across the state.

The Oklahoma Beyond Coal Campaign will not only ensure that no new coal plants or plant expansions will be allowed in this state, but will also focus on the need to phase out older existing coal plants to protect the health and safety of our citizens.  Too many communities in Oklahoma are burdened by the adverse impacts of coal. 

Whether it is coal's air pollution from the facilities that cause asthma and heart disease or the coal ash waste that contaminates air and water with cancer causing heavy metals, enough is enough.  Oklahomans deserve better.