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Beyond Coal Oregon

Support House Bill 4036: The Clean Electricity and Coal Transition Plan 



House Bill 4036 will transition Oregon off of coal-fired power while doubling the state’s commitment to new renewable energy to 50%. Oregon can remain a national leader in stopping climate change and growing our local, clean energy economy by removing coal from our electricity.

Environmental and consumer advocates, along with utilities, created this plan and agree it will achieve climate protection goals with minimal impact on ratepayers and continued reliability of electricity.

• Sets 2030 as deadline to transition away from coal use in Oregon’s electricity mix.1
• Double Oregon’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50% by 2040, bringing more clean energy jobs and investment to our state.
• Increasing access to solar power for a majority of Oregonians who cannot install solar where they live. The community solar choice program created guarantees 15% of the power is available to low-income people and families.
• Supports electric vehicle infrastructure and reduce pollution from cars. Transitioning to clean energy sets Oregon’s two largest electric utilities on a path to meet their portion of the state’s greenhouse gas reduction goals, which call for reducing carbon emissions 80% below 2005 levels by 2050.
One-third of electricity in Oregon comes from coalburning plants. Coal puts customers at risk:
• Cost of risky coal power rising for ratepayers
• All coal money invested out of state
• Health and Climate impacts from pollution
The Clean Electricity & Coal Transition Plan will help relieve families and business from the climate and public health threats of coal.
Instead of buying coal from out-of-state plants, Oregon’s utility companies will invest in clean energy sources that help create new jobs and support local economies.
A transition to clean energy provides a clear path forward for Oregon to prosper in a world where there are limits on carbon and other dangerous pollutants from coal plants.
Our way of life and the things we love about Oregon are threatened by climate change.
• Record-breaking wildfi res
• Acidic ocean water destroying shellfish
• Worsening drought hurts family farms
• Increasing food prices
• Hot rivers kill salmon, other fi sh
• Warming ocean threatens crabbing with toxic algae
• ER visits increase in heat waves
• Increased asthma attacks, chronic breathing problems
• Increased sick days, medical bills
• Low snowpack threatens tourism & recreation
Oregonians are going to have to help pay for hundreds of million dollar upgrades to each aging coal plant that requires pollution controls.
It is a better choice to invest in new clean energy that helps to provide local jobs and economic investment across the region.
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1. PGE alone can request permission to go beyond the 2030, up to 2035, only as it concerns their minority, non-controlling share of the Colstrip power plant.