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About NW Coal

In recent years, Oregon and Washington have made major strides to end our reliance on coal, setting dates to get our last coal plants off of coal.

If they have their way, dirty and dangerous coal and other fossil fuels would jeapordize families as it passes through communities in Oregon and Washington by rail, barge, or ship through the Columbia River Gorge, Portland and many other communities. 

The following map shows the many proposed projects.  For more discussion on the total consequences of all this look HERE.

Coal Makes Us Sick

Mining, transporting, and burning coal fouls our air, pollutes our water, sickens our children and destroys the environment.

A Risky Proposition 

With current proposals, 20 or more trains, each 1.5 miles long, would chug through our communities daily. Coal trains have a high risk for derailing and crashing. When coal dust blows off of trains, it cakes on tracks, causing horrific train derailments in communities. Trains also threaten public safety when they intersect with roads. Long trains rolling through road-crossings add precious minutes to response times for emergency services - such as paramedics, fire trucks and police - risking people's lives in neighborhoods, like Vancouver and Portland.  

Economic Future: Our Choice

Instead of choosing to max-out our rail lines to export dirty coal and decrease our property values from noise, traffic disruption and pollution, we can choose to fill our rail lines with U.S. made goods, high-speed passenger rail and our farm produce. We can choose to develop our communities and create jobs by investing in clean energy, importing and exporting value-added goods, and maintaining clean air and water.



Video by Balance Media and Columbia Riverkeeper, November 2011. Note that several new coal export projects have been proposed since the making of this video. 


Notes about specific projects:

Australian company Ambre Energy wants to export 44 million tons of coal through Longview, which could bring 16 coal trains a day through the Columbia River Gorge , Portland, and Southwest Washington.  Between dangerous coal dust, diesel and carbon pollution, and mile and a half long trains cutting through our neighborhoods – this is bad news.  We need your help to stop Big Coal from moving forward with this dirty and dangerous proposal.  Attending the upcoming hearing on October 9th is the best way to do that.