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About Beyond Coal Oregon


What is Beyond Coal Oregon?  Beyond Coal Oregon is the Sierra Club’s campaign to end dependency on coal in Oregon.  Oregon currently derives 40% of its electricity from burning dirty coal.
Why is coal considered “dirty”?   Every part of the process of using this 19th century technology- from mining to transporting to burning coal- is extremely hazardous for humans and the environment.   See here for some details.
Our main goals are to stop coal exports, retire existing coal power plants and prevent new ones from being built. But what’s “Beyond” coal? The transition to clean, sustainable alternative energies, thereby developing communities and creating jobs.
What are Coal Exports?   Coal companies are proposing a giant step backward on US meeting carbon reduction goals.  Coal companies propose to export tens of millions of tons of coal by rail, barge, and ship through the Pacific Northwest to foreign markets, traveling through communities and on  the Columbia River in the process. These coal exports will have innumerous negative health, environmental, public safety, and economic consequences on regional, national, and international levels. Click here to learn more about coal exports.
What is Power Past Coal?  Sierra Club is a part of Power Past Coal, an alliance of health, environmental, business, clean-energy, faith, and community groups that have come together in their work to stop coal exports on the West Coast. Visit their website to learn how you can get involved
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