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Beyond Coal Tennessee


The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is poised to invest over a billion dollars in the outdated, dirty Gallatin coal-fired power plant to keep it running at a time when other major electricity providers are choosing 21st century options that are cheaper, cleaner, and more efficient. Instead of wasting our money on a fossil plant that will continue to pollute our air, water, land and climate, TVA needs to replace the Gallatin coal plant with energy efficiency and clean energy. Read more.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Sign the petition telling TVA you want clean energy not coal now.

TVA has fought public oversight of its plans for Gallatin. TVA officials initially offered only thirty days for members of the public and ratepayers to comment on their plan. A public outcry from Sierra Club members and other citizens’ organizations across the state resulted in a 14-day extension of the comment period, but TVA continues to refuse to provide the information the public needs to be fully informed, and has announced that it does not see any reason to hold a public hearing to allow concerned residents to speak out. Read more about TVA’s plans for Gallatin. Read what the Tennessean reported on Gallatin.

TURN UP THE VOLUME:  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. 

This is a critical decision that has significant long-term implications: a $1.2 billion investment to keep the Gallatin coal plant running guarantees at least a decade more of burning fossil fuels and a decade more of associated environmental, economic, and health impacts, including climate change. This is the wrong course. Addressing climate change is the global mandate for the 21st century. 

JOIN THE PETITION TEAM: Circulate petitions telling TVA we oppose their plans to invest over a billion dollars to keep the Gallatin coal-fired power plant running.

And there are better options to meet TVA customers’ power needs safely, cleanly, and affordably. According to a recent report by Synapse Energy Economics, energy efficiency could save enough power to allow TVA to retire the Gallatin coal plant. Even a modest energy savings goal of 1.2% over the next several years would be sufficient to meet customers’ needs.