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Beyond Coal Texas

Hey folks, welcome to our new Beyond Coal page. Whether you are a new climate activist or a veteran in the movement, please let us know in the comments what you'd like to see here!


The Sierra Club’s coal work in Texas is structured around five goals:

(1) stopping the construction of any new coal plants in the state,

(2) gradually and rapidly phasing out the use of the existing coal fleet,

(3) promoting the development of wind, solar, and geothermal jobs and resources across Texas,

(4) working to increase energy efficiency programs in the state, and

(5) preventing Texas ports from expanding coal exports to places like China and India.

Texas has its own electrical island, largely disconnected from the rest of the nation’s grid. The mantra from some is to deal with our growing populations with only more steel on the ground, but a new narrative is being developed by the Club’s Beyond Coal team – Lighten the Load, Shave the Peak, Clean Energy Works – it costs less and cleans up our existing air pollution problems.  As coal retires off the system, Texans are developing “Made in Texas” resources that will emit less pollution and use less water while at the same time supporting our local economies.