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Fayette Power Project


FAYETTE (Austin and Central Texas)

Every time an Austinites and central Texans turn on the lights or adjust the air conditioner, there’s a boiler at the Fayette Coal Plant that is burning coal from Wyoming's Powder River Basin, pumping dangerous pollutants into the air.

Together, the Lower Colorado River Authority and the City of Austin own the Fayette Coal Plant. This plant uses more than 5 billion gallons of water a year. In a time of drought, this water could be put to better use by supporting our community and agriculture.

Burning coal for electricity produces toxic air pollution, including mercury that delay development in children, soot and smog, which cause asthma attacks and other respiratory and heart ailments.

Austin recently announced that it would buy renewable energy to power all municipal buildings. We are building pressure to encourage the LCRA to plan a coal-free generation future. Join us!