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Cascadia Climate Action

Find climate change targeted events and action opportunities from around the Pacific Northwest on the Cascadia Climate Action Calendar.

Join Pope Francis in calling for Climate Action

Write a letter to the editor this weekend praising the pope and calling our leaders to listen.   Send your letter to

For questions regarding letters, contact Robin Everett, Organizing Representative at 


Oct 14th Day of Action with Naomi Kline

Local Action for Global Climate Justice

5pm: Meet at City Hall, March at 5:30 to Occidental Park

6 pm-7 pm Rally at Occidental Park for music and powerful speakers including Naomi Kline


Oct 19th Shell Anacortes Scoping Hearing in Lynwood Convention Center 4--8 pm

Scoping hearing for the proposal by Shell to accept Bakkan Oil trains at their refinery at Anacortes.  This project would result in 6 dirty, exploding oil trains coming through Seattle every week!  More info to come, but mark your calendars for this important hearing.  In the meantime you can send your scoping comment to


Phonebanking for this important hearing: We will be calling Sierra Club members who have demonstrated concern about coal and oil trains.  These are easy calls to make!  Thursday Oct 15th 4--6:00 pm at the Sierra Club office 180 Nickerson St #202.  Stick around for our monthly Beyond Coal meeting that starts at 6 pm, free beer and pizza!

Write letters to the editors!  The Right and Big Coal are going to be screaming that the sky is falling and we need to show Obama and the EPA that we have their back.  We cannot afford to let any of these rules slip their targets. Sierra Club activists, [other local allies], and you!


Let’s stand with our Canadian partners to say NO to coal exports out of Vancouver, B.C.   Please take this opportunity to tell decision makers just what you think about this broken system.  Click here to send a letter demanding a democratic process and credible impact assessments for the proposal to build a new coal port at Fraser Surrey Docks.         Read more:


Beyond Coal Task Force Meeting - Seattle

**Third Thursdays 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sierra Club Office
180 Nickerson, Suite 202, Seattle, WA
For more information, please contact:
  Robin Everett, Sierra Club Organizing Representative 206 278-0114 x308  
or Chair: Diane Shisk  206-276-0759 

Past Events of Note:

The Journey Continues - Sierra Club celebrated with the Lummi last fall's Totem Journey

Beyond Coal Washington stands up against oil trains

Oil Train Hearings

Seattle (Olympia)


Beyond Coal Washington was represented at New York - People's Climate March

Read about the Westlake Park Rally and March

Climate Justice Forum

Totem Journey

NW SolarFest 2014

On-going Actions:

No More NAFTAs-Stop the TPP 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive “free trade agreement” that could impact nearly every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat to the air we breathe to the quality of our jobs. Despite the huge impact the agreement would have on our communities and the environment, the TPP is being negotiated in near complete secrecy.

For more information contact: Robin Everett 206-378-0114 x308


Protect the Northwest from the dangerous coal terminal proposal at Longview! 

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