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General Phone and Fax Lines

San Francisco Headquarters Phone: (415) 977-5526
San Francisco Headquarters Fax: (415) 977-5799
Washington DC Legislative Office Phone: (202) 547-1141
Washington DC Legislative Office Fax: (202) 547-6009

Legislative, Political, Judicial

National Press Secretary
Trey Pollard
(202) 495-3058

Communications Director
Maggie Kao
(202) 675-2384

Clean Water, Lands Conservation, Wetlands, Wildlife, Natural Resources

Senior Press Secretary
Ginny Cramer

National Beyond Coal Campaign

National Communications Strategist

Ruby Shirazi

Deputy Press Secretary, Federal Rules

Brian Willis

(202) 675-2386

Deputy Press Secretary (Southeastern Region and Texas)

Jessica Herrera
(404) 607-1262 x222

Associate Press Secretary (Midwest Region)

Emily Rosenwasser
(312) 251-1680 x119

Associate Press Secretary (Midwest Region)

Alison Flowers
(312) 251-1680 x146

Associate Press Secretary (Covering Pacific Northwest Clean Energy and Campuses Beyond Coal)

Lauren Randall
(415) 977-5619

Associate Press Secretary (Covering Pacific Northwest: Alaska, Montana, Washington and coal exports in Oregon)

Meg Matthews
(206) 378-0114 x321

Deputy Press Secretary- Beyond Coal, Southwest Region

Marta Stoepker
(213) 387-6528 x237

Associate Press Secretary - Beyond Coal (Indiana & Colorado)

Shane Levy
(415) 977-5724

Beyond Oil & Beyond Natural Gas

Deputy Communications Director

Mark Westlund

(415) 977-5719

Spanish-language media relations

Bi-lingual Media Strategist
Javier Sierra
(202) 495-3051


Deputy Communications Director

Orli Cotel

(415) 977-5627

Outings and Outdoor Recreation

Jason Halal

(415) 977-5521


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