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General Phone and Fax Lines

San Francisco Headquarters Phone: (415) 977-5526
San Francisco Headquarters Fax: (415) 977-5799
Washington DC Legislative Office Phone: (202) 547-1141
Washington DC Legislative Office Fax: (202) 547-6009

Legislative, Political, Judicial

National Press Secretary
Trey Pollard
(202) 495-3058

Communications Director
Maggie Kao
(202) 675-2384

Clean Water, Lands Conservation, Wetlands, Wildlife, Natural Resources

Senior Press Secretary
Ginny Cramer
(804) 225-9113 x 102

National Beyond Coal Campaign

National Communications Strategist

Ruby Shirazi

Deputy Press Secretary, Federal Rules

Brian Willis

(202) 675-2386

Deputy Press Secretary (Southeastern Region and Texas)

Jessica Herrera
(404) 607-1262 x222

Associate Press Secretary (Midwest Region)

Emily Rosenwasser
(312) 251-1680 x119

Associate Press Secretary (Midwest Region)

Alison Flowers
(312) 251-1680 x146

Associate Press Secretary (Covering Pacific Northwest Clean Energy and Campuses Beyond Coal)

Lauren Randall
(415) 977-5619

Associate Press Secretary (Covering Pacific Northwest: Alaska, Montana, Washington and coal exports in Oregon)

Meg Matthews
(206) 378-0114 x321

Deputy Press Secretary- Beyond Coal, Southwest Region

Marta Stoepker
(213) 387-6528 x237

Associate Press Secretary - Beyond Coal (Indiana & Colorado)

Shane Levy
(415) 977-5724

Beyond Oil & Beyond Natural Gas

Deputy Communications Director

Mark Westlund

(415) 977-5719

Spanish-language media relations

Bi-lingual Media Strategist
Javier Sierra
(202) 495-3051


Deputy Communications Director

Orli Cotel

(415) 977-5627

Outings and Outdoor Recreation

Jason Halal

(415) 977-5521


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