Earth Day 2015


All About the Earth

Urban composting is made easy with these little guys.
Small composting bins aren't durable and can be prone to flies, so what's an urbanite to use? Mr. Green has the answer.
The Gergeti Trinity Church sits below 16,500-foMt. Kazbek in the Caucasus Mountains of Kazbegi, Georgia.
Wrong shoes, bad drinking habits, but right hike: Checking out a monastery in the Caucasus Mountains of Georgia.
A man enjoys the view near Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, Utah.
Exploring the red rocks and canyons of the Greater Canyonlands region, perhaps our next national monument?
Veterans Kajetan Bauer, Brandon Lay, and Armando Medina sit around a campfire near Cedar Mesa, Utah.
A sweat lodge ceremony and a long hike provide solace to soldiers who've returned from war.
A hand holds shredded paper that can be composted.
Which paper is safe to compost? Mr. Green has the answer.