Environmental Law Program


The Sierra Club is the nation's leader in grassroots environmental litigation. We enforce the environmental laws and target the most pressing issues of our generation, such as climate change, fracking and tar sands, through strategic legal advocacy at the federal, state and local level nationwide.

Our Work

The Environmental Law Program directs legal strategy for the Sierra Club's priority campaigns, including Beyond Coal, Beyond Oil and Our Wild America. We litigate cases and coordinate legal work among campaigns, state level chapters and NGO coalitions.


As the Sierra Club's mission statement says: "explore, enjoy and protect the planet." We are a proud team of diverse legal professionals committed to enforcing the law and saving the natural world.

Blog Posts

Last Monday, November 9, the Kern County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to approve a deeply flawed oil and gas zoning law that greenlights drilling more than 70,000 new wells in...

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King Canute on the Seashore tells the story of the wise 10th century Anglo-Scandinavian King who, tired of sycophantic courtiers that praised him as all-powerful, took his throne to the ocean's...

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