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What questions would YOU ask?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 | Comments (1)

We have been charged with collecting questions to submit to the Volunteer Leadership Advisory Committee (VLAC) to pose to all the candidates for the 2014 Sierra Club Board of Directors Election in the now-routine online Candidate Forum. What kinds of questions do you have? What information do you need to help you decide how to cast your ballot? 

Are you interested in how these candidates would support and expand volunteer leadership? Improving funding/fundraising opportunities? Please submit your suggestions below as comments to this post. Feel free to submit as many questions as you like. You do NOT have to join the team to comment.

We are on a VERY tight schedule. Potential questions must be submitted to the Candidate Forum Committee by November 21. We then have 3 days to collate all suggestions and select 10 to recommend to VLAC. VLAC will have the final say in deciding which questions are submitted to the candidates. 

Please note we are not necessarily looking for questions related to candidate positions on specific environmental issues. We are hoping you can provide us with or help us draft questions that will draw out their philosophy of activism, volunteer leadership, etc. 

Help us create a candidate discussion that really illuminates how these folks will guide the Club in the years to come. Thank you!


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Kirstin Dohrer commented at Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For those interested, the Candidate Forum Committee consists of Marilyn Wall (chair), Barb Williams, Sunil Somalwar, Ron Henry, Chris Applegate, and myself. Thanks!