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Borderlands Team outreach activities January - March, 2014

         The Borderlands Team has, as usual, been busy.  Our efforts to educate the public and decision makers about the environmental and human impacts of border militarization – the walls, roads, towers, and forward operating bases that scar the borderlands – continue, with outreach to groups and through the press.  In this year that marks the 50th

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Borderlands Team meeting in San Francisco

2013 Team Meeting Grant Progress Report

The Sierra Club’s Borderlands Team held its annual team meeting in San Francisco September 18-22, to coincide with the Sierra Club’s annual Council of Club Leaders (CCL) meeting.

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Q and A with Borderlands Team Co-Chair Scott Nicol

How did you come to be the chair of the Sierra Club Borderlands Team?

I had been working on the issue as part of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Sierra Group. Once I heard about border walls going up my concern was about what they would do to South Texas wildlife refuges. Some of the best habitat is along the river.

Around this same time Sean Sullivan was working in a similar capacity with the Rincon Group in southern Arizona. He talked to Jill Workman, and that’s when we came together to create a national team in 2008.

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Border Bills in Congress, October, 2013

President Obama has said that he will put pressure on the U.S. House to pass comprehensive immigration reform as soon as the budgetary crisis is resolved.  But which immigration reform bill should the House adopt?  There are many options that have been proposed, and here are just a few of the good, the bad, and the ugly:


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Arizona-Sonora Border Tour: Why we don't need more walls

The rich rhetoric about border security in the United States makes for a great story. And we hear lots of stories about the border these days: The federal government has failed to secure our southern border. Treacherous criminals threaten our way of life. Home and family are under siege.

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