Beyond Oil Volunteer Network

Beyond Oil Volunteer Network

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We're recruiting passionate Sierra Club volunteers to create livable communities and transportation that also hits the oil companies where it hurts most: cutting demand for their products!

For these Critical Reasons we will mobilize chapter and group volunteers to cut U.S. oil use in half 2005-2030 by: 

  1. Building Healthy Communities with great transit, "complete streets" for safe and pleasant bicycling and walking, compact and convenient neighborhoods that reduce the need to drive, and reform of transportation funding and parking;
  2. Rapidly growing Electric Vehicles for remaining trips, with focus on incentives, charging infrastructure, fleets, and zero-emission buses;
  3. Freight/Rail to reduce diesel via new federal truck efficiency standards, local electric trucks, freight to rail and rail electrification, and intercity passenger high speed rail.

We need you to join our team! You're the advocates to make these happen with local transit agencies, city councils, coalitions, and the public. National teams will share chapters’ actions and case studies, and support with policy and organizing, and tool kits, consultation, and mentoring.

We're recruiting for these four national teams and for local teams within Sierra Club chapters and groups - please click here to get involved!

Updated 4/9/14

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Effect of pricing on gasoline use and VMT 2002-2013

Updated 3/27/14

We've had a real-world case study on the effect of pricing on gasoline use and vehicle miles traveled (VMT).

From 2002-13 U.S. gasoline prices rose 149% (more than doubled - Prices page), motor gasoline use peaked in 2007 and fell 0.9% (Fuels page), and VMT also peaked in 2007 and rose 2.9% (VMT page). Total VMT has been flat since 2008.

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