Building Healthy Communities

Building Healthy Communities

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Vision: Cities are convenient, fun, beautiful, verdant, vibrant, and efficient places to live, walk, bicycle and take transit, improving our health and mood and greatly reducing the need to drive. New jobs, retail activity, and residential development are in compact livable communities. Ridesharing further reduces driving. Read Laura Mulls Climate Disruption, Acts for more!

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"T&I Chair Bill Shuster Complicates Matters With Push for VMT Fee "

The current gasoline tax per gallon is proportional to carbon emissions, and switching to a VMT fee would lose that correspondence.

Second, for Bill Shuster to say, “Economically, it is not the time” to raise the gas tax,
but then propose a different tax of the same amount, makes no sense.

Also note, “The chorus of dissent to any government plan to track vehicle movement would be overwhelming.”

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