Hydrofracking Grassroots Team

Educating ourselves and the public on the environmental and health consequences of hydrofracking.

Our goal is to insure that Club activists, members, and the public have the best possible information on hydrofracking, to prepare materials for local advocates to prevent or address environmental damage, and to reform national, state and local oil and gas industry regulations so that they more effectively protect the public and the environment.

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How You Can Help

See the Sierra Club Beyond Natural Gas Campaign Here

Also see the FRAC - Fracking Regulatory Action Center, which tracks legislation and administrative rulemaking. Submit to our listerv with FRAC in the subject line.

Team News & Views

Thank you! Now help decide where we go next.

Thanks to you, we blew past all the other teams on the new platform - we now have 50 members! 

Now that we are situated, I hope you are all ready to get to work! The question is, what work should we do? 


I've designed a short survey, and I hope you'll take the time to fill it out. Based on your responses, we'll plan a great set of topics for phone calls this fall. 

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