Nuclear Free Campaign

We envision an energy efficient world, powered by clean, renewable technologies, free from dirty, dangerous, costly nuclear power and its legacy of toxic waste.

We aim to stop proposed new nuclear plants and license extensions of old plants.

We support efficiency, solar, wind, and geothermal as sustainable sources of electricity.

We are working to address the mounting problems of radioactive waste.

We are concerned about the effect of the entire nuclear fuel cycle on people and the planet.

Nuclear energy is risky, dirty, dangerous, slow, and expensive. Unnecessary too!

Solar, wind and geothermal power and efficiency — all faster, cheaper, cleaner, and safer!


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Nuclear Free Campaign year end report

Hi all,

Here is a brief look at what we did last year. I haven't been active lately because of health issues.   Volunteers are needed at every level of the team.  

Contact Susan Corbett at if you are interested.

Need Lead for Retire the Old Nukes monthly calls.

Need volunteers to help plan national summit in 2014.

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