Water Sentinels Model

The first line of defense of America's waters.

The Water Sentinels Model is a toolbox for citizens to monitor, protect, and improve their local waterways — primarily through training volunteers to test their local streams or rivers for harmful substances or organizing cleanups. See 2014 Draft Plan.

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Kentucky Water Sentinels Summer Activity Report

Water Sentinels in Kentucky have had a good year.  We are presently working on the 14th Annual Healthy Foods, Local Farms Conference, October 12,  of which Sierra Club Water Sentinels is a major sponsor.  Our approach has always been around food and water and how they are absolute essentials in all the other issues on which we work.  This year's theme is :" Food: Sustainability and Justice".  Our featured speaker is Barton Seaver who does a lot of work with sustainable seafood and oceans.

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