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Moose in the Maine Woods — by Philip Puleo/iStockphoto
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Adirondacks to Acadia — the East’s Last Great Forests

The forestlands blanketing northern New York, New England, and eastern Canada comprise one of the few remaining stretches of continuous temperate broadleaf and mixed forest in the world. From New York State’s fabled Adirondacks through Vermont’s beloved Green Mountains, New Hampshire’s rugged White Mountain National Forest, and Maine’s North Woods that Henry David Thoreau so cherished, forests define the landscape, communities, heritage, and traditions of the region. 

In Vermont, the Sierra Club is working to build, extend, and protect wildlife migration corridors while also addressing social, economic, and cultural needs of local communities — we envision community forests as a source of local jobs and public revenue through sustainable forestry, a place for people to provide food for their families through hunting and fishing, and a source of firewood for local low-income families. Our goal is also to conserve land while creating the first Abenaki tribal hunting grounds in more than 200 years.

In Maine, the Maine Woods Program volunteers and staff are working to protect the 10.5-million-acre forest of the North Woods — the largest intact tract of forestland east of the Mississippi, home to the nation’s largest populations of black bears, moose, loons, native brook trout, and Canada Lynx. Biologists call this swath of woods and pristine waterways a “grand central station for wildlife in the Northeast,” a key buffer against the impacts of climate change on native species.

The Sierra Club is working to:

  • Support Vermon’s innovative “Our Forests Our Future” campaign, building alliances with tribal nations, rural communities, conservation partners, and workers’ groups to establish a network of tribal and community forests;
  • Protect the Maine Woods from the proposed 220-mile-long East-West Highway;
  • Lead the Keeping Maine’s Forests initiative, working with forest landowners, businesses, and others to implement incentives for forest conservation; and
  • Convince policy makers in Maine to retain important land use regulation laws.

Meet the Organizers

David VanDeusen

(802) 522-5812
Our Forests Our Future Campaign (Vermont)

Karen Woodsum

(207) 446-5354
Maine Woods Campaign

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