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Polar bears’ home in the Arctic faces threats from global warming — by Steven Kazlowski
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Protect America’s Arctic — Our Nation’s Last Great Wilderness

Every year millions of birds from around the world fly north of the Arctic Circle and beyond Alaska’s Brooks Range to nest and raise their young. America’s Arctic is home to a stunning array of wildlife — caribou, musk oxen, wolverines, grizzly and polar bears roam the vast expanse of land, while walrus, bowhead and beluga whales ply the icy waters.

The Arctic Refuge, special areas in the Western Arctic, and the Polar Bear Seas are the jewels of the far north. We must act now to save them from destructive drilling and mining and to help these special places, wondrous wildlife, and local communities survive in a rapidly changing world.

The Sierra Club is working to:

  • Give wildlife room to roam by ensuring long-term protection of wild lands in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska;
  • Protect the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as a national monument.
  • Shield more than 60 million acres of America's Arctic from oil and gas exploration, especially the fragile and unexplored areas within the Arctic Ocean that are vitally important for wildlife;
  • Prevent resource development harmful to subsistence by working with Alaska Native communities; and
  • Improve new resource management plans for special areas within the Arctic.

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