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by Matthew Wallrath
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Safeguarding the San Juan Islands

UPDATE: President Obama has designated this major recreation designation as a national monument! The designation will clear the way for better planning to allow continued use while also preserving the sites, wildlife, and natural beauty that make the islands special.  Over 150 local businesses expressed their support to President Obama for protection of these unique public lands, as did the local county council and visitors’ bureau, alongside hundreds of other supporters.  Thanks for helping preserve this important place!  



In the northwest corner of the contiguous United States, between the US mainland and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada lie the San Juan Islands. The archipelago includes dozens of small islands and reefs.  These safe havens are home to bald eagles, harbor seals and a host of rare plants; ancient fishing sites and old lighthouses dot the small islands. The beauty of the San Juan Islands draws thousands of visitors each year to hike, watch wildlife, picnic and view the historical sites.

The Sierra Club is working to:

  • Ensure the San Juan Islands Bureau of Land Management lands are permanently protected as a national monument so that future generations can enjoy them.