Our Wild America

Our Wild America carries on the Sierra Club's long legacy of protecting America's beautiful wildlands. We believe that America's public lands are held in "public trust" for and by all Americans, providing opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, and come together to share experiences.

With the Our Wild America campaign, the Sierra Club is doubling down in the fight to preserve our wild heritage in the face of threats from mining, drilling, and climate disruption. 


Protecting our public lands from mining and drilling will safeguard America's natural heritage, preserve wildlife habitat, help keep our air and water clean, and combat climate disruption.
In order to leave a robust wild legacy for our children, we must significantly increase the amount of public lands and waters that are permanently protected as national monuments and wilderness.
Protecting natural places near cities and suburbs is crucial to ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the great outdoors.
Our national forests are diverse habitat for our most treasured wildlife, and they provide the wild places where Americans hike, camp, hunt and fish.

Campaign Updates

May 20, 2015
Thanks to Shell, folks in Seattle have a new addition to their skyline: a towering oil rig named the Polar Pioneer.Following last week’s action by the Obama administration granting conditional...
May 15, 2015
“We’d like to have a say in this,” – James Walks Along, Northern Cheyenne Tribal Historic Preservation Officer at YES meeting in Cody, April 30, 2015Recently I attended a meeting of the Yellowstone...
May 12, 2015
Yesterday, the Obama administration approved Shell Oil’s exploration plan to begin drilling in the Arctic’s Chukchi Sea, despite common sense and science forewarning the potentially catastrophic...
May 11, 2015
Some members of congress have a plan to reverse a growing trend that threatens the health and wellness of an entire generation. Call it indoorism, call it Nature-Deficit Disorder, call it whatever...
May 7, 2015
Today tens of thousands of American taxpayers are standing with one voice, taking on some of the largest corporations in the country and demanding that the Department of the Interior close an...