Nearby Nature

Spectacular, iconic wild places like the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, or the Boundary Waters get a lot of glory. But for most Americans, the bulk of our experience with nature is closer to home -- the state park where we go for a Saturday afternoon picnic and walk, or the beach where we taught our kids to swim.

Protecting natural places near cities and suburbs is crucial to ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. These are accessible places where we can unwind in nature and connect with our family, friends and community -- and remember why it's so important to protect our forests, coasts, mountains, and other landscapes.


San Gabriel Mountains Campaign

The San Gabriel Mountains, just outside Los Angeles, are visited by more than three million people every year. For many visitors, this is their first and perhaps only experience with the great outdoors and the tranquility of unspoiled wilderness. Sierra Club organizers are working with local communities to ensure that the most heavily used areas in the San Gabriels have adequate services and that people who live nearby can easily access these special places. We are also working to ensure that these mountains are permanently protected for future generations of Angelenos to enjoy and explore. Learn more about the San Gabriel Mountains Forever campaign.


Sierra Club Outings

Ever since John Muir began bringing city-dwellers to Yosemite Valley to marvel at its wild beauty, getting outside has been a crucial part of Sierra Club’s mission. Sierra Club outings range from volunteer-led day hikes near your neighborhood to international volunteer trips. Find an outing near you -- and get outside!