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Traversing the Jewels of the Grand Canyon, Arizona16028AMar 28–Apr 3, 2016Waiting List
Kanab Creek Wilderness: Expansive Esplanade Terraces Fractured by Canyons, Grand Canyon Area, Arizona16026AApr 2–9, 20161
Mystery of the Rainbow, Navajo Nation, Arizona and Utah16027AApr 9–16, 2016Waiting List
Galiuro Mountains and Redfield Canyon Wilderness: The Place Time Forgot, Arizona16032AMay 1–7, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Backpacking the Brooks Range at the Moment of Spring, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska16006AJun 5–15, 2016Waiting List
Coastal Plain to Arctic Peaks Wildlife Safari, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska16008AJun 13–24, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Bob Marshall Wilderness Backpacking and the Chinese Wall, Montana16155AJul 3–9, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Evolution Valley Ascension, Kings Canyon National Park and John Muir Wilderness, California16116AJul 20–28, 20165
Wandering in Bear Lakes Basin, John Muir Wilderness, California16117AJul 23–Aug 1, 2016More than 5
Highlights of Southeastern Yosemite: Waterfalls, Peaks, and Domes, California16119AJul 24–31, 20165
Tramping Around Mineral King, Sequoia National Park, California16121AJul 25–31, 20161
Journey Through Evolution, South Lake to North Lake, Kings Canyon National Park, California16122AJul 29–Aug 6, 20164
Wilderness Backpacking in Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory16012AAug 2–9, 20162
Hiking High: Mammoth Crest to the Silver Divide, John Muir Wilderness, California16124AAug 5–9, 2016More than 5
Women's Backpacking in the Sierra Alps: Yosemite National Park and Hoover Wilderness, California16126AAug 6–14, 2016More than 5
Peaks and Passes in Yosemite and the Clark Range, California16125AAug 6–14, 2016More than 5
Adventure High in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains16159AAug 13–20, 2016Waiting List
20s and 30s Whitney Summit, Inyo National Forest, California16129AAug 13–20, 2016Waiting List
Lake Hopping in the Wind River Range, Wyoming16160AAug 13–20, 2016More than 5
Truckin' Through the Tablelands, Sequoia National Park, California16130AAug 14–21, 20164
Alpine Glory in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains16161AAug 20–27, 20162
Trekking On- and Off-Trail in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, California16134AAug 20–27, 20163
Spider Meadow-Buck Creek Pass Loop, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington16148AAug 20–27, 2016More than 5
Ramble the Ambler, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska16016AAug 22–Sep 2, 2016Waiting List
Mt. Humphreys Magic and Inspiration, John Muir Wilderness, California16137AAug 28–Sep 3, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Treasures of Yosemite's Northern Backcountry, California16120AAug 28–Sep 2, 2016More than 5
Hopkins Basin and the Mono High Country, John Muir Wilderness, California16138ASep 2–6, 2016More than 5
Fantastic Four-Pass Loop, Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado16163ASep 11–17, 2016More than 5
Hut-to-Hut Traverse of the Presidential Range, New Hampshire16298ASep 11–16, 20161
Historic North Bass Trail and Shinumo Amphitheater, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona16165ASep 17–24, 20165
Secrets of Kanab Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona16166ASep 23–30, 20165
Forbidden Heart of the Rainbow, Navajo Nation, Arizona and Utah16167ASep 25–Oct 1, 2016More than 5
Tanner-Escalante-Grandview Route, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona16168AOct 2–8, 20163
Tanner-Beamer- Escalante: Historic Trails and Routes, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona16169AOct 8–15, 2016More than 5
Jewels of the Grand Canyon, Arizona16170AOct 16–22, 20161
Autumn Colors and Star-Filled Nights in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona16171ANov 13–19, 2016Waiting List

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