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Backpacking Paria Canyon: A Week of Visual Surprises, Arizona and Utah16031AMay 1–7, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Backpacking Paria Canyon: A Week of Visual Surprises, Arizona and Utah16031BMay 10–16, 2016Waiting List
Service in the Footsteps of Geronimo, Arizona16091AMay 28–Jun 4, 20165
Golden Trout Gambol, California16111AJun 18–25, 2016More than 5
World-Class Whitewater: Rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho16062AJun 24–29, 20161
Family Fun and Service at Tahoe National Forest, California16205AJun 25–Jul 1, 2016More than 5
Explore Glacier Bay by Yacht, Alaska16011AJul 2–10, 2016Waiting List
Bob Marshall Wilderness Backpacking and the Chinese Wall, Montana16155AJul 3–9, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Natural History of Mt. Rainier Base Camp, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington16178AJul 3–9, 2016Waiting List
Royce Lakes and Humphreys Basin, John Muir Wilderness, California16112AJul 3–9, 2016More than 5
Majestic Mountains and Grand Scenery of the Eastern Sierra, California16175AJul 10–16, 2016More than 5
Signature Day Hikes in Yosemite's Tuolumne Meadows, California16179AJul 10–16, 2016More than 5
Sierra Nevada Adventures for Families with Teens, Tahoe National Forest, California16208AJul 10–16, 2016More than 5
Southern Yosemite Wilderness Medley, California16115AJul 17–24, 20161
Alpine Lakes in the Emigrant Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California16114AJul 17–25, 20161
Evolution Valley Ascension, Kings Canyon National Park and John Muir Wilderness, California16116AJul 20–28, 20161
Wandering in Bear Lakes Basin, John Muir Wilderness, California16117AJul 23–Aug 1, 20165
Alpine Adventure in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, California16118AJul 24–30, 2016Waiting List
Highlights of Southeastern Yosemite: Waterfalls, Peaks, and Domes, California16119AJul 24–31, 20161
Journey Through Evolution, South Lake to North Lake, Kings Canyon National Park, California16122AJul 29–Aug 6, 20162
Music in the Mountains: Hikes and Concerts in Stanislaus and Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forests, California16231AJul 31–Aug 6, 2016More than 5
Northern Yosemite Lakes, Meadows, and Peaks Adventure, California16295AAug 2–14, 2016Waiting List
Wilderness Cruise on Alaska's Inside Passage16013AAug 4–13, 20161
Hiking High: Mammoth Crest to the Silver Divide, John Muir Wilderness, California16124AAug 5–9, 2016More than 5
Hiking the Muir Trail from Devils Postpile to Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, California16296AAug 5–16, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Women's Backpacking in the Sierra Alps: Yosemite National Park and Hoover Wilderness, California16126AAug 6–14, 2016More than 5
Peaks and Passes in Yosemite and the Clark Range, California16125AAug 6–14, 2016More than 5
Wandering the Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington16146AAug 7–13, 2016Waiting List
Treasures of Blackcap Basin and the White Divide, Kings Canyon National Park, California16128AAug 11–20, 2016Waiting List
Swimming the Silver Divide, John Muir Wilderness, California16127AAug 11–15, 20165
Adventure High in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains16159AAug 13–20, 2016Waiting List
20s and 30s Whitney Summit, Inyo National Forest, California16129AAug 13–20, 2016Waiting List
A Taste of the Sierra: Hikes, History, and Yoga, Tahoe National Forest, California16235AAug 14–19, 2016More than 5
National Outings Training Trip - Lodge-Based Day Hiking16998AAug 16–20, 2016Waiting List
Lakes of the Silver Divide, John Muir Wilderness, California16297AAug 18–28, 20163
Milestone Basin, Sequoia and Kings Canyon Parks, California16131AAug 18–27, 2016More than 5
Kings-Kaweah High Wire, Sequoia National Park, California16133AAug 20–27, 20162
Trekking On- and Off-Trail in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, California16134AAug 20–27, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Pioneer Basin and Mono Recesses, John Muir Wilderness, California16135AAug 21–28, 2016More than 5
John Muir Wilderness Service, California16262AAug 21–27, 2016More than 5
Gardiner Basin High Country, John Muir Wilderness, California16136AAug 27–Sep 5, 2016Be First on Waiting List!
Mt. Humphreys Magic and Inspiration, John Muir Wilderness, California16137AAug 28–Sep 3, 2016Waiting List
Treasures of Yosemite's Northern Backcountry, California16120AAug 28–Sep 2, 2016More than 5
Hopkins Basin and the Mono High Country, John Muir Wilderness, California16138ASep 2–6, 2016More than 5
Creeks and Peaks: A Multisport Adventure in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains16238ASep 11–17, 2016Waiting List
Autumn in the Stehekin Valley, North Cascades National Park, Washington16241ASep 18–24, 20162
50-Plus Service at Clair Tappaan Lodge, Tahoe National Forest, California16275ASep 25–Oct 1, 2016Waiting List
Grand Staircase-Escalante Llama Hike, Utah16299AOct 18–24, 2016More than 5

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