Leave behind your over-civilized life and explore wild places few people will ever see. With little more than a compass and clothes, you and your fellow explorers will visit colorful slot canyons, remote lakes, and craggy Sierra peaks. You'll leave with a sense of accomplishment, plus some great stories.

Backpack trips range from relatively easy to strenuous. If you've never backpacked before, try one of our beginner trips, specially tailored to equip you with backpacking skills in a supportive, unhurried environment. See backpack ratings for difficulty levels.

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Backpacking Paria Canyon: A Week of Visual Surprises, Arizona and Utah14039AApr 25–May 1, 2014Waiting List
Galiuro Mountains and Redfield Canyon Wilderness: the Place Time Forgot, Arizona14040AApr 27–May 3, 20141
Thunder, Wonder, and Awe, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona14041AApr 27–May 3, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Red Rock Canyons of Escalante, Utah14042AMay 17–23, 2014Waiting List
Arctic Light Backpacking, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska14021AJun 7–15, 2014Waiting List
The High Valleys of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska14006AJun 9–20, 2014Waiting List
Beginner Backpack By the Ocean, Point Reyes National Seashore, California14120AJun 15–21, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Packrafting South Central Alaska, Chugach National Forest14017AJun 21–26, 20143
Golden Trout Gambol, California14124AJun 21–28, 2014More than 5
Yosemite's North Rim Trek: Domes, Canyons, and Waterfalls, California14121AJul 1–5, 2014Waiting List
Leisurely Ladies Exploration in the Minaret Lakes, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California14123AJul 6–13, 2014Waiting List
Lake-to-Lake Loop, John Muir Wilderness, California14122AJul 6–12, 2014More than 5
Fantastic Four Pass Loop, Maroon Bells -Snowmass Wilderness, CO14159AJul 13–19, 20144
Silliman Crest Sojourn, Sequoia National Park, California14125AJul 17–24, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Mountain Lakes, Rivers, and Passes of the Maroon Bells, Colorado14151AJul 19–26, 20142
Off-Trail in the Ansel Adams Wilderness, California14128AJul 19–27, 20142
Alpine Lakes Odyssey, Yosemite National Park, California14127AJul 19–27, 2014Waiting List
Introduction to Backpacking in the High Sierra, Tahoe National Forest, California14126AJul 20–26, 20142
Bears of Katmai: A Backpacking Adventure, Alaska14013AJul 23–Aug 1, 2014Waiting List
Journey Through Evolution, North Lake to South Lake, Kings Canyon National Park, California14133BJul 26–Aug 3, 2014More than 5
Lake Hopping in the Wind River Range, Wyoming14153AJul 26–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Laid-Back Backpack in the Montana Wilderness14154AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Beginners Backpack, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California14130AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014Waiting List
High Lakes of the Emigrant Wilderness, California14131AJul 27–Aug 3, 2014More than 5
Seeking Sierra Solitude in Bear Lakes Basin, John Muir Wilderness, California14134AAug 1–10, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Hiking High: Mammoth Crest to the Silver Divide, John Muir Wilderness, California14132AAug 1–5, 2014Waiting List
Alpine Glory in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains14155AAug 2–9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Mt. Hood to the Columbia River Gorge on the Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon14111AAug 2–9, 2014Waiting List
Journey Through Evolution, North Lake to South Lake, Kings Canyon National Park, California14133AAug 2–10, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Backpacking the Eagle Cap Wilderness: The West Lostine River Loop, Oregon14110AAug 2–9, 2014Waiting List
Exploring Beartooth Glaciers, Montana14156AAug 3–9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
The Magnificent Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada14157AAug 3–9, 2014Waiting List
Alpine Ambition, John Muir Wilderness, California14135AAug 3–9, 20145
Wilderness Backpacking in Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory, Canada14101AAug 5–11, 20142
Miter Basin and More Beneath the Whitney Crest, John Muir Wilderness, California14136AAug 7–16, 2014Waiting List
Wind River Intro to Cross-Country, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming14158AAug 8–15, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Northern Yosemite's Remote Lakes, Canyons, and Passes, California14137AAug 9–16, 20144
Wild Crags of the North Cascades, Washington14113AAug 10–16, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Circling the Cirque Crest, Kings Canyon National Park, California14138AAug 10–18, 2014More than 5
Palisades High Country, Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness, California14139AAug 15–23, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Ten Lakes and the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, Yosemite National Park, California14141AAug 16–23, 2014Waiting List
Dark Side of the LeConte Divide, John Muir Wilderness and Kings Canyon National Park, California14140AAug 16–23, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Foliage, Fish, and Berries in the Western Brooks Range, Alaska14018AAug 17–27, 20142
Stevens North to Stehekin: 100 Miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, Washington14114AAug 23–Sep 3, 2014Waiting List
Nine Lake Basin, Sequoia National Park, California14142AAug 23–Sep 1, 2014More than 5
Yosemite Wilderness Inspiration, California14143AAug 24–30, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Swimming Caribou and Sand Dunes in Autumn Glory, Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska14019AAug 24–30, 2014More than 5
20s and 30s Yosemite Highlights: Half Dome and Cloud's Rest, California14145AAug 26–31, 2014Waiting List
Lakes, Vistas, and Canyons of Southern Yosemite, California14144AAug 27–31, 20145
Rae Lakes and the Kings Canyon High Country, California14146AAug 30–Sep 6, 2014More than 5
Stevens to Snoqualmie: Through the Alpine Lakes Wilderness on the Pacific Crest Trail, Washington14115AAug 30–Sep 6, 20142
Wonderland Trail Loop, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington14116ASep 1–11, 2014Waiting List
Gitche Gumee Gambol: Backpacking in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan14105ASep 1–5, 2014More than 5
Isolated Island Wilderness: Backpacking Isle Royale National Park, Michigan14106ASep 1–7, 2014Waiting List
Backpacking Olympic National Park: Enchanted Valley and LaCrosse Basin, Washington14117ASep 2–10, 2014More than 5
Hot Springs and Waterfalls Llama Hike, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming14193ASep 7–12, 2014Waiting List
Mineral King Majesty, Sequoia National Park, California14147ASep 7–16, 20145
Beginners Coastal Ramble Through Point Reyes National Seashore, California14148ASep 14–19, 2014More than 5
The Continental Divide Trail through Ghost Ranch and the Land of O'Keeffe, New Mexico14165ASep 20–28, 2014More than 5
Forbidden Heart of the Rainbow, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona and Utah14166ASep 21–27, 2014More than 5
Historic North Bass Trail and Shinumo Amphitheater, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona14167ASep 27–Oct 4, 2014More than 5
Secrets of Kanab Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona14168ASep 27–Oct 4, 2014Waiting List
South Bass, Royal Arch, and Elves Chasm Epic, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona14169ASep 27–Oct 4, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Women Backpacking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona14170ANov 1–8, 20145

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