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Bears of Katmai: A Backpacking Adventure, Alaska14013AJul 23–Aug 1, 20141
Service with the Seven Devils, Hells Canyon Wilderness, Idaho14282AJul 24–Aug 2, 2014More than 5
Lake Hopping in the Wind River Range, Wyoming14153AJul 26–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Eastern Yosemite Loop from Tuolumne Meadows, California14191AJul 26–Aug 7, 20141
Grizzlies, Glaciers, and Climate Change: Dayhiking in Glacier National Park, Montana14241AJul 26–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Lodge Adventure in America's Alps, North Cascades, Washington14243AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Beginners Backpack, Ansel Adams Wilderness, California14130AJul 27–Aug 2, 20142
Cruising the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador14795AJul 27–Aug 7, 20143
John Muir Wilderness Trail Restoration, California14283AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Hiking the High Sierra and the Pacific Crest Trail, Mokulemne Wilderness, California14244AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014More than 5
Hikes and Bites: A Farm Fresh Food Tour in Vermont14242AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Fjords, Waterfalls, and Coastal Trails: Hiking in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada14246AJul 27–Aug 3, 2014Waiting List
Laid-Back Backpack in the Montana Wilderness14154AJul 27–Aug 2, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Family Fun and Service in the Colorado Rockies14220AJul 28–Aug 3, 20144
Hiking High: Mammoth Crest to the Silver Divide, John Muir Wilderness, California14132AAug 1–5, 20141
Seeking Sierra Solitude in Bear Lakes Basin, John Muir Wilderness, California14134AAug 1–10, 2014Waiting List
Backpacking the Eagle Cap Wilderness: The West Lostine River Loop, Oregon14110AAug 2–9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Journey Through Evolution, North Lake to South Lake, Kings Canyon National Park, California14133AAug 2–10, 20142
Alpine Glory in Wyoming's Wind River Mountains14155AAug 2–9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Wildflower Extravaganza, Eagle Cap Wilderness, Oregon14284AAug 2–9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Mt. Hood to the Columbia River Gorge on the Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon14111AAug 2–9, 20141
Wild and Scenic Rogue River Family Rafting, Oregon14221AAug 3–6, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Family Rafting in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah14222AAug 3–7, 20142
Alpine Ambition, John Muir Wilderness, California14135AAug 3–9, 2014More than 5
Gorge and Grave: Service at New River Gorge National River, West Virginia14287AAug 3–9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Kayaking the Na Pali Coast, Kauai14029AAug 3–10, 20142
Dayhiking Delights in Montana's Bitterroot Mountains14248AAug 3–9, 20143
Biodiversity and Dayhikes in Olympic National Park, Washington14247AAug 3–8, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Exploring Beartooth Glaciers, Montana14156AAug 3–9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
The Magnificent Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada14157AAug 4–10, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Wilderness Cruise on Alaska's Inside Passage14015AAug 4–13, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Wilderness Backpacking in Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory, Canada14101AAug 5–11, 20143
Miter Basin and More Beneath the Whitney Crest, John Muir Wilderness, California14136AAug 7–16, 2014Waiting List
Wind River Intro to Cross-Country, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Wyoming14158AAug 8–15, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Hiking and Culture On Newfoundland's Bonavista Peninsula, Canada14233AAug 9–16, 20145
Grizzlies, Glaciers, and Climate Change: Dayhiking in Glacier National Park, Montana14251AAug 9–16, 2014Waiting List
Northern Yosemite's Remote Lakes, Canyons, and Passes, California14137AAug 9–16, 20142
Unplug, Unwind, and Dig In; Trail Work in Idaho's Selkirk Mountains14289AAug 9–16, 20143
Stars, Strides, and Shakespeare: A 40+ Women's Adventure in Southern Oregon14249AAug 9–15, 20144
Canadian Rockies Van-Venture: Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper, Alberta14250AAug 9–16, 20142
Wild Crags of the North Cascades, Washington14113AAug 10–16, 2014Waiting List
Grand Views and Wildlife: Service in the Gros Ventre Wilderness, Wyoming14290AAug 10–16, 20142
Superior Day Hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota14252AAug 10–16, 20143
Sea Kayaking at Isle Royale National Park, Michigan14202AAug 10–17, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Circling the Cirque Crest, Kings Canyon National Park, California14138AAug 10–18, 20143
Return to Bryce Canyon: Family Service in Utah14224AAug 10–16, 20145
Palisades High Country, Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness, California14139AAug 15–23, 20141
Lake Superior Service, Isle Royale National Park, Michigan14292AAug 15–23, 2014Waiting List
Dark Side of the LeConte Divide, John Muir Wilderness and Kings Canyon National Park, California14140AAug 16–23, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Ten Lakes and the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne, Yosemite National Park, California14141AAug 16–23, 20141
Boundary Waters Wilderness Canoeing, Minnesota14203AAug 16–23, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Evolution Basin and Beyond, Kings Canyon National Park and John Muir Wilderness, California14192AAug 17–30, 2014Waiting List
Foliage, Fish, and Berries in the Western Brooks Range, Alaska14018AAug 17–27, 20143
On Safari in Tanzania14660AAug 17–28, 20143
Dublin to Dingle: A Celtic Odyssey, Ireland14740AAug 18–29, 2014Waiting List
Glacier National Park, Crown of the Continent, Montana14294AAug 18–26, 2014Waiting List
National Outings Training Trip - Lodge-Based Hikes in California14997AAug 20–24, 2014Waiting List
Lore and Labor in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California14295AAug 22–29, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Lodge-Based Day Hikes in the Colorado High Country14255AAug 23–30, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Nine Lake Basin, Sequoia National Park, California14142AAug 23–Sep 1, 2014More than 5
Paddling in Thoreau's Path, West Penobscot Wilderness, Maine14204AAug 23–29, 20144
Stevens North to Stehekin: 100 Miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, Washington14114AAug 23–Sep 3, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Yosemite Wilderness Inspiration, California14143AAug 24–30, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
20s and 30s Yosemite Highlights: Half Dome and Cloud's Rest, California14145AAug 26–31, 2014Waiting List
Lakes, Vistas, and Canyons of Southern Yosemite, California14144AAug 27–31, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Rae Lakes and the Kings Canyon High Country, California14146AAug 30–Sep 6, 2014More than 5
Backpacking the Mt. Adams and Goat Rocks Wildernesses on the Pacific Crest Trail, Washington14115AAug 30–Sep 6, 20142
Wind River Range Restoration, Wyoming14285AAug 31–Sep 6, 2014More than 5
Wonderland Trail Loop, Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington14116ASep 1–11, 2014Waiting List
Gitche Gumee Gambol: Backpacking in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan14105ASep 1–5, 20145
Isolated Island Wilderness: Backpacking Isle Royale National Park, Michigan14106ASep 1–7, 2014Waiting List
Camino de Santiago and Picos de Europa, On Foot in Northern Spain14745ASep 2–13, 20141
Backpacking Olympic National Park: Enchanted Valley and LaCrosse Basin, Washington14117ASep 2–10, 2014More than 5
Hidden Trails of Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera14635BSep 2–13, 20141
Kayaking and Service in the Appalachian Mountains, North Carolina14297ASep 7–13, 20145
Creeks and Peaks: Fly Fishing and Hiking in Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains14258ASep 7–13, 2014Waiting List
England's Coast to Coast Walk: Lakes, Dales, Moors, and More14750ASep 7–20, 2014Waiting List
Nellie Juan-College Fjord Wilderness Cruise, Alaska14020ASep 7–14, 20143
A Gilded Vacation in the Adirondacks, New York14256ASep 7–12, 2014More than 5
Naturalist Kayaking in Florida14205ASep 7–13, 2014More than 5
Mineral King Majesty, Sequoia National Park, California14147ASep 7–16, 2014More than 5
Archaeological Restoration in Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado14296ASep 7–13, 2014Waiting List
Hot Springs and Waterfalls Llama Hike, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming14193ASep 7–12, 20142
Working Among Wolves: Service at the Wolf Conservation Center, New York14299ASep 14–21, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Jewels of Croatia: Forests, Rivers, and Islands14630BSep 14–27, 2014Waiting List
Beginners Coastal Ramble Through Point Reyes National Seashore, California14148ASep 14–19, 2014Waiting List
Service at Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland14089BSep 14–20, 20145
A Taste of Tuscany, Italy14755ASep 14–25, 2014Waiting List
Fall Service in the City by The Sea, Newport, Rhode Island14300ASep 15–21, 2014More than 5
Hut-to-Hut in the White Mountains, New Hampshire14194ASep 15–20, 20141
Botswana and Zambia: A Living Eden14665ASep 18–30, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Wilderness Trail Building in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky14301ASep 20–27, 20141
The Continental Divide Trail through Ghost Ranch and the Land of O'Keeffe, New Mexico14165ASep 20–28, 2014More than 5
Service Among Ancestral Puebloan Ruins, Utah14302ASep 21–27, 20141
Grasslands Research in the Valles Caldera, New Mexico14317ASep 21–27, 2014More than 5
Ridgetop Rambles, Tahoe National Forest, California14267ASep 21–27, 2014More than 5
Autumn in the Stehekin Valley, North Cascades National Park, Washington14259ASep 21–27, 2014Waiting List
Forbidden Heart of the Rainbow, Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona and Utah14166ASep 21–27, 20145
Moab Adventure for Women: Hike, Raft, and Ride in Southeast Utah14261ASep 21–27, 2014Waiting List
Madagascar Meander14670BSep 24–Oct 9, 20144
South Bass, Royal Arch, and Elves Chasm Epic, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona14169ASep 26–Oct 3, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Secrets of Kanab Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona14168ASep 27–Oct 4, 2014Waiting List
Autumn Hikes in the Colorful Catskills, New York14263ASep 28–Oct 4, 2014More than 5
Wild Trout Recovery in Northern New Mexico14319ASep 28–Oct 3, 20141
Fall Foliage Hiking in Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest14262ASep 28–Oct 3, 2014More than 5
Naples to Brindisi: Secrets of Southern Italy14760ASep 28–Oct 9, 2014Waiting List
Moab Adventure for Women: Hike, Raft, and Ride in Southeast Utah14261BSep 28–Oct 4, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Lilting Lighthouse Lore and Labor, Big Sur, California14304AOct 4–11, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Hidden History and Service at Valley Forge National Historic Park, Pennsylvania14303AOct 4–11, 2014Waiting List
Acadia National Park Service, Maine14305AOct 5–11, 20145
Martha's Vineyard Service, Massachusetts14306AOct 5–11, 20141
New Jersey Seashore Service14307AOct 5–11, 2014More than 5
Canoe or Kayak Way Down Upon the Suwannee River, Florida and Georgia14207AOct 5–11, 2014More than 5
Habitat and History at Fort Ord, Monterey, California14308AOct 5–12, 20145
Ancestral Puebloan Cultures in the Southern Rockies; Colorado and New Mexico14266AOct 12–19, 20145
Historic Bartow-Pell Conservancy Service, New York City14310AOct 12–19, 2014More than 5
Sun, Surf, and Sand: Kayaking the Grand Strand, South Carolina14209AOct 12–18, 2014More than 5
Current River Canoeing, Ozark National Scenic Riverways, Missouri14208AOct 12–16, 2014More than 5
Fall Service at Fallingwater, Pennsylvania14309AOct 12–18, 2014Waiting List
Fall Foliage on the Coast of Maine14264AOct 15–22, 20144
Splendors of Jordan: Petra, Desert Hiking, and the Dead Sea14810AOct 15–28, 2014More than 5
Hike, Bike, and Kayak in Vietnam14685AOct 18–Nov 1, 20141
Top of Texas, Guadalupe Mountains National Park14321AOct 18–25, 2014More than 5
Madagascar Meander14670AOct 18–Nov 2, 2014Waiting List
Caribbean Island Kayaking, Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas, Florida14210BOct 19–25, 2014Waiting List
Hot Springs, Falling Water, and Service in Saline Valley, California14311AOct 19–25, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Autumn Glory in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina14265AOct 19–24, 2014More than 5
Focus on Birds in Ecuador's Highlands and Lowlands14805AOct 19–Nov 7, 2014More than 5
Southeast Asia Adventure: Northern Laos and Cambodia14690AOct 20–Nov 2, 20142
Mount Everest Lodge Trek, Nepal14695AOct 23–Nov 14, 2014More than 5
Sea and Service at Point Reyes National Seashore, California14312AOct 25–Nov 1, 20141
Women's Service at Pine Island Conservation Area, Merritt Island, Florida14313AOct 26–Nov 1, 20144
Autumn Odyssey in Yunnan, China14675AOct 26–Nov 9, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Caribbean Island Kayaking, Florida Keys and Dry Tortugas, Florida14210AOct 26–Nov 1, 2014Waiting List
Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan14700AOct 30–Nov 11, 20141
Women Backpacking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona14170ANov 1–8, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Marvelous Muleshoe Ranch Service, Gailuro Mountains, Arizona14314ANov 2–8, 2014Waiting List
Hiking Japan's Ancient Buddhist Trails, Rainforests, and Volcanoes14705ANov 3–15, 2014Waiting List
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru14800ANov 3–13, 2014Be First on Waiting List!
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru14800BNov 7–17, 2014More than 5
Islands in the Sun: Kayaking Cayo Costa State Park, Florida14211ANov 16–22, 2014More than 5
Beneath the Aurora Borealis: Sailing the Lofoten Islands, Norway14770ADec 3–11, 2014Waiting List
Panama Canopy: Tropical Birding at its Best14780ADec 6–14, 20144
Everglades Eco-Adventure, Florida14178ADec 7–13, 2014More than 5
Flamingo Base Camp in Florida's Everglades National Park14212ADec 14–19, 2014More than 5
Natural Highlights of Costa Rica14775ADec 16–28, 2014More than 5
Cruising the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador15500ADec 22, 2014–Jan 3, 2015Waiting List
Up Close in Undiscovered Costa Rica15505AJan 3–13, 2015More than 5
Sun Service and Whales, Maui, Hawaii15400AJan 18–25, 2015More than 5
Mayan Mysteries: Jungles, Ruins, and Reefs, Belize and Guatemala15510AJan 26–Feb 9, 2015More than 5
Mountains, Forests, and Beaches of New Zealand's South Island15515AFeb 3–13, 2015More than 5
On Safari in Tanzania15520AFeb 5–17, 2015More than 5
Kilimanjaro and Safari, Tanzania15525AFeb 6–21, 2015Waiting List
Treasures, Tigers and the Taj Mahal, India15530AFeb 8–21, 2015More than 5
Devilish Tasmania, Australia15535AFeb 17–28, 20151
Due to lodging considerations, available space is reserved for One Male
Wild, Wonderful Costa Rica15545AMar 1–14, 2015More than 5
Natural and Historical Highlights of Israel15540AMar 1–14, 2015More than 5
Active Adventure on the Seventh Continent, Antarctica15550AMar 3–14, 2015Waiting List
Cultural Discovery and Service in Nepal15555AMar 4–17, 2015More than 5
Vietnam Adventure15560AMar 4–19, 20155
Hiking Japan's Ancient Buddhist Trails, Rainforests, and Volcanoes, Kyushu15565AMar 23–Apr 4, 2015Waiting List
Magic and Mystery of Manaslu, Nepal15570AApr 5–29, 2015More than 5
Into the Heart of Tarahumara Country, Copper Canyon, Mexico15575AApr 12–25, 2015More than 5
Springtime in Western Turkey15585AApr 25–May 8, 2015More than 5
Machu Picchu Eco-Lodge Trek, Peru15580AApr 25–May 5, 2015More than 5
The Enchanted Galapágos Islands, Ecuador15590AApr 27–May 9, 2015More than 5
Hiking in the Hidden Kingdom, Bhutan15595AMay 3–16, 20154
Walking the Cotswolds, England15600AMay 10–20, 2015More than 5
Walking the Franciscan Trail, Umbria, Italy15605AMay 17–28, 2015More than 5
Hiking Japan's Ancient Buddhist Trails, Rainforests, and Volcanoes, Kyushu15565BMay 18–30, 2015More than 5
Mountains, Lochs, and Glens: The West Highland Way, Scotland15610AMay 18–27, 2015More than 5
Hiking and History in Southern England15615AMay 24–Jun 3, 2015More than 5
Springtime in Northern Yunnan, China15675AMay 24–Jun 7, 2015More than 5
Vienna to Prague: Walking the Czech Greenways, Czech Republic and Austria15620AMay 28–Jun 10, 2015More than 5
Jewels of Croatia: Forests, Rivers, and Islands15625AMay 31–Jun 13, 2015More than 5
Hidden Trails of Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera15630AJun 2–13, 2015More than 5
Botswana and Zambia: A Living Eden15635AJun 4–16, 2015More than 5
In Search of the Polar Bear in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway15655AJun 12–19, 2015Waiting List
Poets and Pilgrims: A Literary Walking Tour of Ireland15640AJun 14–25, 2015More than 5
Prehistory in the Shadow of the Alps, Italy and France15645AJun 15–26, 2015More than 5
England's Coast-to-Coast Walk: From the Irish Sea to the North Sea15650AJun 15–28, 2015Waiting List
Hiking the Alps of Bavaria and Tyrol, Germany and Austria15660AJun 23–Jul 4, 2015More than 5
Kilimanjaro and Safari, Tanzania15525BJun 27–Jul 12, 2015More than 5
Eiger and Jungfrau Up Close, Switzerland15665AJun 28–Jul 6, 2015More than 5

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