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"Being around an amazing group of veterans really reminds you of who you are, what values you hold, and what you are truly made of. Add in a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to climb a mountain and you have gold. I valued this experience, not just for the scenic views and physical challenge, but for the camaraderie I shared with my fellow veterans that I do not get to experience in my daily life." —Soleil Black, US Coast Guard, South Carolina

"[On my trip] we were restoring trails….and it was a huge accomplishment when we were done. I feel that this experience changed my life because now I am more interested in wilderness and want to preserve it. It is going to be up to my generation to preserve it for the future."
Check out his YouTube video about how Chicago ICO and National Outings trip experiences!
—Leopaldo Hernandez, Chicago participant, soon to be leader.


 "Sierra Club Military Outdoors is simple and brilliant.  Ice climbing for my first time with this group was everything I could ask for. The contracted guide service was more than helpful, knowledgeable and safe.  We were even fortunate enough to have one of America’s greatest climbers of Conrad Anker to not only give motivation and climb with us, but coaching and assisting in improving climbing techniques. The selected group of veterans was of different back grounds and experiences.  We had a great common denominator throughout us and that was we all were people of strong resilience, military background, a passion for the outdoors and a drive to excel in the path that lay ahead. Using outdoors as your sanctuary is not anything new, throughout the ages this has been a place people of all types have come to relax, think and just find themselves.  The fact that Sierra Club is reaching out to the Military as an audience for this is quite awesome. Hyalite Canyon was a beautiful piece of land with great ice climbing and views to be lost in as you gained the elevation on each pitch. I wish to give a thanks to SCMO for such an opportunity to learn a new skill, enjoy and meet new and other veterans who enjoy nature, and a chance for me to get back to nature in it’s rare beauty."
 Army First Sergeant Mike Pickerel

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Clyde Gillette, the co-founder of the Utah Chapter, passed away on June 9 at the age of 88. Clyde is held in the utmost regard by all of us here in the Military Outdoors family, and the Sierra Club as a whole. He is an inspiration to all of us who share his sense of sense of adventure and love for...
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The first annual Sierra Club Outdoors National Conference will be held this October 2-4 at Clair Tappaan Lodge in Norden, CA.  During the two days together, we plan to have motivated members and community members from across the country come together to share fresh and invigorating ideas, learn...
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We are seeking veterans and active duty, National Guard, or Reservists to take part in the following outdoor survey that will ask you questions about your life after deployment and what you’re doing now and questions to learn about your thoughts about your career, education, hobbies, and attitudes...
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Thanks to our many generous partners and supporters at Sierra Club Military Outdoors and because of the hard work of our incredible volunteers, we have an incredible summer and fall lined up for six different national trips that are designed to support our military and veteran community and their...