Wilderness First Responder Recertification

Every Spring at Tappaan Lodge, Norden, CAContracted by the Sierra ClubCheck out the calendar to sign up for this year's workshop.Workshop GoalsThis is a 24-hour Wilderness First Responder Recertification course for current Wilderness First Responders (WFR) who need to recertify and refresh their skills. This class will provide three full days of review and scenarios and will be taught by Bobbie Foster, of Foster Calm -First Aid and Leadership Trainings (contracted by the Sierra Club). While prior CPR certification is preferred, it is not required.
  • Any current WFR students (WFR or WFR recertification class within the last 4 years) may take this class for recertification regardless of whether their original certificate is from Foster Calm, WMI, WMA, SOLO or other providers.
  • Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a 3-year WFR certification from Foster Calm. This course DOES NOT include CPR.
What To Expect
  • This will be a long and full weekend with both lecture-style instruction and scenario-based hands-on learning. Class will run on Saturday through Monday, 8am-5pm (including night sessions Saturday and Sunday after dinner). Workshop attendees will need to stay on site both Saturday and Sunday evenings due to the evening sessions.
  • Meals start with dinner Friday night and end Monday with lunch (instruction ends at 5pm Monday). Meal times are as follows: bag lunch preparation at 7am, breakfast at 7:30, lunch around noon and dinner at 6pm.
  • Homework: You will be sent handouts 3-4 weeks before the course. It is expected that you read the material and complete the homework assignments prior to your arrival. Your weekend learning experience will greatly benefit from prior studying. Bring these completed assignments with you to the course.
  • This course will be referencing “The Wilderness First Responder” by Buck Tilton. If you do not already have this text, it is recommended you acquire it prior to the course.Portions of the day will be outside, regardless of weather, so bring appropriate clothing for early May weather in the Sierra.
  • A written test will be given on Sunday. You must pass to receive your certification. Upon successful completion of the written test and attendance the entire weekend, you will receive a Foster Calm certification.
  • Saturday: 8am-5:00 pm with a session after dinner.
  • Sunday: 8am-5pm with a session after dinner.
  • Monday: 8am-5pm