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Sierra Club Statement on Shell’s Announcement of No Arctic Drilling in 2013

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Trey Pollard, Sierra Club, (202) 495-3058


(Washington, DC) – Today, after a year of embarrassing failures and accidents, Royal Dutch Shell announced it would not drill in the Arctic this year:

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune Released the Following Statement in Response:

“It is encouraging that America’s pristine Arctic has been given a reprieve and we are happy Shell has now officially recognized they cannot safely drill in the Arctic. Now, it’s time that the Obama Administration recognizes the same thing.

Shell began its Arctic folly by declaring they would take every possible step to ensure safety, and then promptly proceeded to fail over and over again. In just twelve months, Shell’s ships have caught fire, run aground, lost control, and become the subject of a criminal investigation.  Now, they’ve retreated from the Arctic with their tails between their legs and hauled their broken ships to Asia for repair. Their best efforts to drill safely in the Arctic have been a catastrophe that only pushed us to the brink of disaster.

If one of the largest and wealthiest companies in the world cannot drill safely in the Arctic, no one can. The Obama Administration should declare the Arctic off-limits to dangerous drilling, cancel Shell’s permits, and terminate future lease sales immediately, before we’re faced with an even greater disaster.”

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